You have all the answers within you.

Coaching helps you find a way to them.





What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of conversiations that deepen your awareness and responsibility. 

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What’s the process?


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First session

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Client referrals

“I believe that answers to many questions and unfinished things are inside us. We often don’t find a way to them only by ourselves, though. Do you know what I mean? Coaching was great for me in this. We talked in an enjoyable and friendly manner, I didn’t feel judged or given unwanted solutions, mostly just asked questions. And then I often came up with solutions, even though I had no idea where they came from. Thanks to coaching, I got to know myself better.


The biggest benefit for me was that I managed to improve the relationship with myself. I don’t know how about you, but I was much harder and harsher on myself than on anyone else. Vojta’s coaching helped me look at this differently and gradually find ways to be better and more loving towards myself. Thank you Vojta!”

Director of a Talent Sourcing company

“I got to know Vojta through a common friend. Even though I was skeptical towards coaching at first, I have to admit that Vojta has changed my life, however “clichy” that sounds. Vojta gave me a sense of understanding and showed me different perspectives of seeing things, which I’ve used many times later in my life, not only in the situations that we were discussing.”

Marketing manager

“An absolutely insightful and refreshing experience that liberated my thoughts and gave me permission to inch closer to becoming the best version of myself. I began to see things clearer and from different perspectives and sometimes, that’s just all you need.”

HR Specialist

“I met Vojta number of years ago on a course ‘MBTI® Personality Typology and Coaching’, which I facilitated. Vojta’s deep interest in personal development and coaching has been clearly evident since the beginning.


Characteristic of Vojta’s approach is: an endless interest in others, a willingness to help, a great deal of empathy and the ability to offer different perspectives of seeing and understanding situations and topics.


For me, Vojta is an example of a great determination to work on oneself, to focus on visions and on the possibilities of making them a reality.”

Dr. Anita Crkalová
Facilitator, Executive Coach, Mentor