Hi, I’m Vojta.

[pronounced  Voyta]

Life coach, personality typology trainer, meditation practitioner

My journey to psychology, introspection and awareness began 10 years ago starting with personality typology.

I spent 2.5 years in a coaching company that brought me to the path of psychology and taught me a lot. I went through two coaching trainings (with ICF and EMCC accreditation) to learn how to do the profession well.

I had my first client in 2017. I was nervous.

I see coaching as a tool capable of changing lives and a huge responsibility.

Personality typology helps me better understand others and more skillfully express what I want to say.

I focus on diving deep, to the root of the topic, where I can help you better understand and release what’s in there.

And from that newly freed space, I enjoy seeing you build something new, with a smile and ease.

I introspect, contemplate and philosophize about “hard to put in words” thoughts and thought-processes non-stop, from which I then try to shape words and write articles.
To clear my head, in my free time I enjoy playing online games, watching esports and investigative / informative documentaries.