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What happens when you hire a therapist / consultant / mentor / coach to teach you how to ride a bike?

If you hire a therapist to teach you how to ride a bike:
A therapist will help you discover the barriers that prevent you from sitting on your bike. They will discuss and analyse your past with you, look for connections between your past experience and cycling and find out what frustrations may be coming from it. They will then try to remove them before you sit on your bike.

If you hire a consultant: 
The consultant will bring you a wonderful manual with a precise info on how Lance Armstrong rides the bike. You will learn almost everything about cycling, including a catalog of the latest bike models and a colorful calendar with marked dates of Vuelta and Tour de France. The consultant will explain to you the principles of riding a bike from all the points of view you wish. They will then leave and come back in six months to see how you’ve succeeded in the meantime.

If you hire a mentor: 
The mentor will describe to you in detail his own experience of how he learned to ride a bike once. They will tell you how they got on, where they fell, and what all they had to do before they rode the bike successfully. Then they will be watching you with interest, if you’re making the same mistakes. They will fix your faults and guide you until you are able to handle their bike style well.

If you hire a coach: 
The coach will first ask you what and why you want to learn. They will then hold your saddle and immediately let you start biking. They will be convinced that you will surely manage it soon, encourage you and, if necessary, will gladly run for extra support wheels. You may not know that they never sat on a bike even after you cheerfully ride to the horizon as they try to catch a breath, standing by the road with the extra wheels in hand.

Author: Lenka Schilderova