Momentálně přijímám nové klienty.

Fear has two meanings

Fear. Everyone has it. Even you. Conscious or unconscious.

Most of us run away from it most of the time.

Only when it catches us and there’s no escape, we have no other chance than to face it (or play dead and avoid a bit more).

Sometimes it takes years before finally facing it.

This is so you have the power to consciously chose to face it more often.

Every(little)thing counts.

Power to get out of the bed, even when you know the day is gonna be hard.

Power to say no to something you don’t want.

Power to share your feelings, embracing the courage of vulnerability they reveal.

Power to stand up and help someone in the tram, when no one else does.

Power to stand out. To take the “leap of faith” and say (or do) the things you fear (good or bad).

Your courage will be awarded. Your “inner critic” will be defeated.

It might take time, but every(little)thing counts.

So, the choice is yours.

Adapted quote by Zig Ziglar