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“Gremlin” in your head

When you talk in your head, you don’t talk to yourself.

The voice you’re making up in your head is not “you”. .
You talk to your inner voice / inner critic / gremlin.

Thats not you. That’s just a software you created when you were little.

It’s there to protect you.

But since you made it when you were little, it’s pretty outdated.

The software was supposed to protect you from harm as a, for example, 5 year old kid.

What you needed to be protected from when you were 5 might no longer be what you need to be protected now, as an adult.

You now have much more understanding of world than you had when you were 5.

So you can decide for yourself if you want to listen to whatever it advises.

You don’t HAVE to do (or not do) whatever it tells you.

But you should thank it.

Thank it for trying to protect you. For being your own personal advisor.

But also say that you’re an adult now and that, althought you’re grateful for it’s advices, you will decide for yourself.

Making friends with your inner voice is essential to become stronger, better, more self aware and authentic.

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