Momentálně přijímám nové klienty.

I always wanted to be rich

The reason was simple. I thought it would make my mum, family and myself happy. I wanted to buy them all a beach house, so that we could live together. And I wanted to prove to my role model, my uncle, and to the world that I’m worth it and can do it.

Everytime I closed my eyes, I imagined something like the drawing on the first picture. The house was in Malibu, I had a sports car, family and a very successful company. And at that point I felt like that’s it, I proved to the world that I can and that I’m worth it.

But before I was coached and went through coaching trainings, it never occured to me that the vision isn’t about money, success or a beach house in Malibu. It was about the internal peace that it gave me. The feeling that “now I can be at peace, slow down, be myself and enjoy life”, the feeling of knowing that I’m worth it and I can do whatever I want. That was the vision about.

Today I know that success doesn’t equal happiness. And that these dreams of ours are more about how they make us feel, rather than what they are in a literal sense (e.g. owning a yacht and a helicopter). And that’s what I set myself to do.

To bring awareness to more people. So that we all understand the “hidden” (just not physical, but once you know them, very visible) psychological meanings of things, thoughts and needs that we have in life. So that us humans can finally be our authentic self and do THE thing we were born to do. For that, we need to understand that the craving for money, success, fame, fit body or whatever is it for you, isn’t about the thing itself, but rather what they represent to us.

PS. The second picture is our today’s view. I’m not rich, I don’t have a house in Malibu, but I’m at peace. I’m starting to do what I was born to do (writing, coaching, this!) and I’ve taken my life into my own hands and making it happen. The by-products (money, fame, whatever) will come with it inevitably later.