Momentálně přijímám nové klienty.

Why I shaved my head?

I shaved my head.

Sometimes you have to go 18.000 kilometres away to do what you want to do!

Not like I went that far just to shave my head. (I look handsome with or without hair anyway)

It’s rather what the shaven head represents.

It’s the “step to unknown”.

The letting go of “what others might think or say”.

The courage to do whatever YOU want to do.

Without looking left or right for approval.


Tomorrow you’ll regret what you have NOT done today. Not what you have.

Besides, there’s no tomorrow. You’ll never wake up “tomorrow”. There’s only now.

So whatever big or small is what YOU WANT – just do it.

That’s why you’re here. To LIVE your life.

Not to observe it. You’re not the “passenger” of your life. You’re the DRIVER.

Starting now – do one (little) thing you wanted to do for yourself!

(For me, shaving head wasn’t serious and it didn’t look as good as I imagined 😄, but it was something I wanted to try, a challenge and fun!)