Jak se rozhoduješ?

Nov 20, 2019

Just like our brains prefer to take in information in different ways (see my post from two days ago), they also prefer to decide about that information in different ways.

Neither of them is better. In some cases thinking decision is needed (i.e. impersonal, objective “wisdom of mind”), in others feeling decision is needed (i.e. personal, subjective “wisdom of heart”).
Remember, it’s just a preference. Just like we can use left or right hand to write, we can use thinking or feeling approach to come to a decision. It just feels more natural to use our preferred way over the other.

And for that reason we need to be aware that different approaches exist, which are they and which one is our preferred.

So that when the time comes and we need to use the unpreferred way (which is quite often even if we’d make only 10 decisions a day😅), we can consciously chose to use it, if it’s better for that particular situation.
Source: table quote Coaching Systems