Jsi ten vlevo nebo vpravo?

Nov 28, 2019

There are two types of people in the world – those who put work before fun and those who put fun before work.
Personality typology psychology calls them Judging (work>fun) and Perceiving (fun>work).
If you’re a “judger”, you:
– Do something productive rather than just chill (obviously, as “doing something unproductive is just a waste of time…”)
– Make decisions quickly (prefer things closed&decided)
– Plan, organize and schedule your day/week/life (not knowing what you’re gonna do stresses you)
– Usually arrive early to events, meetings or work (and hate latecomers!)
– Prefer things (and time) under control (world is colapsing if something’s not!)
If you’re a “perciever”, you:
– Play games, watch TV or do whatever’s your thing rather than work (work? Lateeer…)
– Postpone decisions (or avoid them completely! I see you!)
– Love spontaneity (and wish that success/life will happen to you by itself!), feel tied up having schedule and knowing what you’re gonna (have to) do
– Are late again!!! Even though you had 3 hours to prepare, you left it for 2 minutes after you should’ve left! (but you also hate latecomers!)
– Are easygoing (usually) and prefer leaving control to others, so you can do your thing and flow freedomly
So, which one are you?
Image source: CPP.com