Momentálně přijímám nové klienty.

If people watched the night sky more…

When I was a kid, I thought us humans know EVERYTHING and that everything just “is”.
A kilogram, a kilometre, why a person is sick, who are we and why did we appear on this planet…
Only with time I found out that a kilogram is nothing “set”, but only an agreed value of weight, that has to be kept somewhere, so we wouldn’t forget how much it is!

We know nothing. We only scratched the surface of existence. And THAT’S EXCITING!

It always struck me why people want to get rich and famous (me included), rather than discovering something new.

Historically I get it, we needed to survive, so there was no time for philosophing about what or who are we.

But now? Instead of new and new, sophisticated ways how to make money, why don’t we (as a humanity) focus on finding out new and new, sophisticated answers to who are we and what all this is?

Isn’t that of more value than all the money in the world?

Wish we could make more adults excite their friends, families and children about science, rather than bury them with our selfish needs.

And don’t get me wrong. There ARE people discovering new. They are in larger numbers than ever before — but it’s still not a mainstream!

Not everybody wants to be a Nobel prize winner, but everybody wants to be the richest person!

Let’s change that — yeah, you, one of my 2 readers😄 — read more about what’s new in the field of science, than you watch series on Netflix!

Why? So us, humans, can really be proud of what we are — by understanding what’s important.

Keep dreaming 🌌🔭
Image source unknown, credit to the author.