Momentálně přijímám nové klienty.

The most important factors of success

I only have 240 followers.

But I also have an unending passion coming somewhere from the core of my being to spread a word about something I call psychology.

I discovered this passion through self-reflection in coaching sessions.

Before that I only knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and rich, but no idea in which field. As most of them sounded shallow to me.

When I figured out that rather than being a rich entrepreneur I’d want to help people realize who they really are, what they want to do in life and what they don’t see, I knew I will be doing that till the end of my life.

It’s only a little bit over three years since this realization.

And I’ve only let “the world” (you, friends on my facebook and you, strangers around the world) know what I’m doing 50 days ago.

But I already feel more fulfilled than I ever did doing any other job.

Because this is not my job. This is me. This is my “calling”. This is what I’ve been born to do.

And I still only have 240 followers. But I have perseverance.

I know it’s gonna take time to build things up.

But I not only have time. I also have passion and perseverance to help me through.

And as Dr. Angela Duckworth called it in her groundbreaking book “Grit”, these are the best predictors of a long-term success.

Passion + perseverance are the best predictors of a long-term success.

Dr. Angela Duckworth

So, if you don’t know “who you are” and what you REALLY want to do in life – go get some coaching.

And if you already know what you want (you found your passion), then perservere.

The success will eventually kick in.

You’ll eventually make it into the books.

But more importantly, you’ll be fulfilled along the way.

And that’s what this life is about. Not money, not fame. But the journey, the people in it and the fulfilment along the way.

Thanks for reading through.