Nesnáším říkat si “kouč”.

Dec 11, 2019

I always hated it.

I feel like when I call myself that, people have a different understanding of what it is, than me.

I think that most people think it’s some cool pose, superficial, “i’ll tell you how it’s done”, motivational, worthless thing.

It’s really not. 
It’s a series of meaningful, intimate, frequently life-changing conversations.

A safe space where people open themselves up, face and figure out their fears and dreams.

And those deep realisations (or “ah-ha” moments) then change who they are or want to be.

And they then implement those realisations into their lives. 
That is coaching.

I believe only people who have gone through coaching (with an actual coach – not just anyone who calls themselves that), therapy or psychologist, understand what it really means.

But I want to bring the awareness of what it is to everyone, not just to those who had already been there.

I want people to understand what coaching is, so that they could help themselves and their friends to either #FigureItOut themselves — or seek someone to help them #FigureItOut earlier, before being pushed so far by their situations (and prevent those situations from happening at all).
So, I’m starting a #FigureItOutexperiment to see if you guys will be more wanting to try and less intimidated by my free #FigureItOutsession (link in bio). As there’s nothing to worry about — it’s free and you can talk about whatever you want to.

If it’ll make sense to you, maybe you’ll want to continue. And if so, only then you’ll either commit to one session at a time or try the whole series and pay less.

So go on, text me and get your free session today!
I hope to help you #FigureItOut too🤞